The five bad fashion habits to avoid. No. 3 might surprise you.


We all enjoy getting dressed and ready for the day, or for some occasion. But do you know you might be doing more harm than good? That is to say, you might actually be looking outdated instead of a fashionable person? Not everyone is born with good fashion taste. Some of us are blessed with good taste but some of us struggle to get our eyeliner straight. Don’t get me wrong, a straight liner does not indicate a rich fashion sense, it simply means a practicing hand.

A fashion sense requires one to know which colors to wear and what not to wear. Plus the lipstick shade to match the outfit and other accessories are a part and parcel of a good fashion sense. To put your best foot forward, let’s explore the five deadly bad fashion habits to avoid in order to look classy and fashionable.

Overdoing the accessories.

If you are dressed for a workday or for your classes, avoid putting on everything on your face. If you’re wearing earrings, leave your necklace alone and just opt for a wristwatch. You don’t want to look like a scene from the runaway bride.

Heavy ornaments with dark lipstick shade.

Heavy ornaments look good when you’re getting married or when you are attending a marriage ceremony of a close relative, but besides that, heavy ornaments are a big no. Have you ever wondered why most of the rich and elite women wear pearl necklaces or pearl earrings that are no bigger than an inch? It’s because pearl earrings and a pearl necklace look very elegant.

Your face is full of eyeliner, falsies, highlighter, contouring, and dark lipstick.

That speaks of a disaster. For anyone, makeup is never about trying and applying each and every product on your face. Honey, you are a human, not an experimental laboratory. For you: makeup is what enhances your look while not screaming out loud your insecurities and anxieties that you cover with thick layers of foundation and concealer. A light shade of lipstick is always a good idea.

Getting your hair the lightest shade possible

In this country, pretty much everyone is guilty of having a likeness towards blonde hair, colored eyes and a complexion that makes you look like you’re made out of cow milk. That’s not the definition of beauty, so don’t go overboard with those highlights and blonde hair. Your natural hair will flaunt your style a lot better than anything.

Fake plastic eyes – colored lenses.

I am not against solotica, they make natural-looking contacts, but the ones that are sold locally give your eye an alien look. You’d look a lot better with your natural eye color. You can choose to apply peach or white eyeshadow on your lower lash line to give your eyes that pop. This will also add more contrast to your dark-colored eyes. If you must go for light-colored contacts, choose the ones that are closest to your skin tone. For example; light brown or hazel. If you opt for light blue, gray, or light green, it won’t take Stephen Hawking to figure out that you’re faking it. It’s really a turnoff.


So next time when you want to go nuts with your looks, read this blog as a beginner’s guide to NOT look out of date.


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By Amy Benjamin

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