The Different Views of Fashion


Hey guys! It’s me Andrea with a little bit of my experience and my different views of fashion. When I was in Year 10 idk how y’all call it overseas, but in the Pacific islands, it is very different. Year 10 would be a student at the age of 15. So yeah, when I was 15 years old. My then best friend (let’s call her Molly), Molly wore something to school and it was the topic of the whole school talking.

In every school in Fiji, we had our days called “Mufti” where basically the teachers allow every student to dress up accordingly other than uniforms. Our uniforms consisted of a light cream color button-up shirt tucked in a maroon skirt paired up with a maroon scarf around your neck down to your chest area with black sandals. So whenever we would see a notice of “Mufit” on our school organization boards we would jump up and down with the excitement of wearing anything other than maroon but it would have to be something appropriate.

Something appropriate would be, long skirt or beneath the knees skirt and dresses. No jeans, short shorts, mini skirts or ……………you know those kinds of clothing.

I wear, knee-length dresses for “Mufti” to school and Molly wears whatever she feels like it, school rules be damned. Like this one time, she wore a mini skirt, with a black crop top and paired it up with high knee boots.

At first, seeing her in that outfit, I was like “you are so getting detention after class today.” but then again, she didn’t really care. All she thought about was how comfortable she was at that moment. She was so in her element that some girls were even jealous of her, some boys lusted at her, and (pardon me) some of the male teachers too.

I don’t mind that my best friend was comfortable and in her comfort zone, but the fact that some guys were thinking about her in ways that a woman shouldn’t even be thought of like that, I started getting pissed off.

Pissed off at the fact that it’s the 21st century and people can’t just seem to understand the fact that time is moving forwards and not backward. People should change their minds about fashion clothes and the way people dress because of how they want to express themselves.


All in all, I am glad that Molly was true to herself that day, even though she ended up in detention for a whole week. She was honest to herself and to everyone about who she really is and that is what’s most important.

different views of fashion 23
different views of fashion

PS: that is what Molly wore to school that day and well, it suited her  🙂

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By Andrea Kings

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