The different Shades of Pink and the perfect season to adopt it!


We all are embracing the winters with warm blankets and coffee, but what about makeup?

Should we go for the bold smokey look or the soft pink blush?

Come to think of it; winter is a season of Shaadi and mehndi, and with that comes everything that gets you dolled up. So makeup is an important accessory to that. And you need to be careful about it. Going crazy with your eyeshades makes you look like the Kung Fu panda. So, don’t do that.

The concept of makeup is to enhance your features and conceal your flaws. Don’t use it to become another person.

But the traditional bridal makeup seems exaggerated to an extent that it hides the identity of the bride. Kashee’s beauty salon is famous for hair extensions and makeup products, but the bridal makeover is insanely too much. It starts with a very light-colored base ( I have no idea why kashee is obsessed with fair complexion) then it goes on to colored lenses which look more ghostly than humanly. Then begins the layers and layers of colors and foundation and oh my God I cannot breathe seeing all that.

What I am trying to say is, we all have a natural pink or orange shade on our lips and cheeks, and we can work on it and enhance that, instead of spending hours and hours in front of the dressing table.

Ladies, listen to me.


You can do wonders with your natural complexion and the color combination you have on your skin. I don’t mean acne and uneven skin tone, what I mean is contour and highlight your cheekbones, mascara for your lashes, and a natural pink shade for your lips.

If it sounds too simple and makes you wonder whether you will be able to pull it off or not, trust me, it is much better than all the bizarre ideas of heavy makeup you may have.

Try this: regardless of your attire, stick to the shades of pink and peach for your lips and eyelids, and a base color that matches your skin.

You can doll up yourself with jewelry and embroidered dress, but for makeup and your face, keep it naturally pink.

Thank me later.


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By Amy Benjamin

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