The Casual Flaunt


I believe that casual doesn’t have to be boring. Casual should be elegant or sophisticated yet comfortable and simple. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

THE CASUAL FLAUNT should be about turning heads for the fun. For many, a trend is seasonal. Casual wear can be trendy in or out of season depending on the style.

Mix and match can also be trendy and with the times, depending on the fabric and design being used.


casual flaunt 1
casual flaunt 2
casual flaunt 3

Or this…

casual flaunt 4
casual flaunt 5

Is what I would refer to as casual and trendy. It can be worn even when outdated. But is there such a thing as outdated? ????

Casual wear is about comfort and less effort. It is about normal and little to no hassle. However, I am of the opinion that casual attire should be elegant. It doesn’t have to be boring and drab.


THE CASUAL FLAUNT should be about sophistication on a normal day, at a normal event or venue. A trip to the store or supermarket should be about simple and yet stylish comfort. It should stand out but not be too dressy.

For example…


Here we have elegant and casual. We can see that the choice of colour plays a role here, this will depend on the tastes of the wearer. With the appropriate footwear, it can be trendy, stylish and yet casual. Perfect for any normal routine event or venue. This attire can stand the test of time in fashion. Of course, it’s most suited to hot and dry weather conditions. ????



Is casual and elegant. It has that touch of sophistication that I happen to like. With the right top and footwear, it can be comfortable and casual enough for the mall or any informal social event. The choice of colour for this piece will depend on the wearer. All in all, it is a Casual Flaunt that I wouldn’t mind flaunting.


This one…


It’s lovely. Casual, elegant and ladylike. Very simple and comfortable for any casual event or venue. As you can see here, the imagination can take you to the right footwear and accessories according to the tastes of the wearer. It will remain trendy and casual despite the accessories if worn with a flat pair of shoes or flip flop sandals. ????

If worn with high-cut boots or strapped sandals it would be very trendy and also casual. But if worn with stilettos, it may fall into the sophisticated but not quite formal category depending on the Colour chosen.

Last but not least we have this…


Well, this speaks for itself. Elegant and casual. Suitable for that casual event and venue such as the mall or boat ride party. The accessories however may vary according to personal tastes but it is a trendsetter. The Colour and fabric chosen to make this piece will also depend on the wearer. The footwear will be optional but heels or flats will give the Flaunt. The footwear should be considered carefully with this piece. The event and venue should also be considered carefully when choosing the footwear and accessories for this attire. ????


The Casual Flaunt can be daunting sometimes. It may be underestimated in some cases. I believe there can be some confusion between formal and elegantly casual because of the idea. However, we tend to attribute ‘basic’ to casual and elegantly casual, for the sake of defining ‘formal’.

I would like us to see that casual doesn’t have to be bland or boring. It also doesn’t have to be overwhelming or too dressy. After all, you never know who you can meet and where.

I am available if you need my advice or pitch in ideas on any clothing you may have to wear or maybe consider for occasions. Sometimes as women and in some cases, men, we have the tendency to choose what doesn’t suit us or the occasion. Most times it just needs an extra pair of eyes beside the mirror.

By Tricia Brown

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