The best five tried and tested products from J. NOTE!


Hey all beautiful people!

We’ve all been looking for makeup products almost all our lives. And it’s only after countless experiments on our skin and a strain on our wallet do we finally discover the right product that works best for us.

Amidst all this confusion, we tend to invite a lot of damage and sometimes even acne to our skin, which takes years to go and leaves blemishes behind as a reminder to NOT experiment any further.

But who gives attention to that.

We go on a shopping spree and buy new untested products anyway.

Let me save you the trouble and point out the safest and high-quality products that do not damage your skin and are easy on your budget too.

No. 1. The eye shadow pencil by J NOTE.

It saves you time and money because it’s 3 in 1. It can be used as a highlighter, an eye shadow, or even an eyeliner. Now that’s something you definitely want to have in your purse. Pick your favorite color as there are 8 options to choose from. I have used this for many years now, and I can assure the best quality. It’s creamy and glides onto your eyelids without any blotches or chunks.


No. 2. The Smokey eye pencil by J NOTE.

This one is perfect for eyeliner lovers. It does not smudge on your lashline and stays as fresh as a daisy. It has a smudging applicator at one end for your convenience, so you can carry just this, and not an extra set of brushes to achieve your look.

No. 3. The mattever lip ink by J NOTE.

It is a collection of matte-finished lip gloss which gives your face that instant pop of color on a daily basis. The best part is it’s quick-drying and lasts longer than I had expected.

No. 4. The perfecting contouring powder palette by J NO

Don’t worry if you have dry skin, this contouring kit is easy to blend and does not leave your skin feeling like the Sahara desert. Even as a beginner, you can master the art of contour by defining your cheekbones and jawline.

No. 5. Mineral blusher by J NOTE.

Your cheeks are the most important part of your face, and cosmetic attention to them is crucial when you want to look pretty. This mineral blusher is silky and gives you the perfect look. Also, you can use this as eye shadow, so it serves two purposes at the cost of one!

If that hasn’t inspired you to grab on to J NOTE cosmetics, I don’t know what will.

These products have a long shelf life and can survive the drastic humid and summers of our country. The cost is worth the promised quality, and besides as of right now, J cosmetics are offering up to 40% sale on their products, so make sure you visit their website and pick your favorite.

Have a happy shopping!


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By Amy Benjamin

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