When I hear the word blogger, my mind automatically wanders to fashion. The first fashion blogs surfaced in 2002, and in just four years, there were 100 of them. The blogosphere soon became overrun with fashion-related content that drew a lot of attention.

Many persons who are now well-known in the fashion world began their careers as fashion bloggers. They now own businesses, brands, or work for some of the world’s most prestigious publications and corporations. Some fashionistas continue to devote themselves to their blogs and earn a living from collaborations with brands, ads, affiliate links, and product sales.

So, if you’re looking for fashion blog inspiration, keep scrolling. I’ve compiled a list of excellent ones with interesting material. Continue reading to discover what makes them so popular.


Chiara Ferragni is the most powerful internet entrepreneur on the planet. The Blonde Salad was founded in 2009 by an Italian fashion blogger. Chiara Ferragni Collection, a personal brand she founded in 2013, sells apparel, accessories, and shoes. Ferragni was named to Forbes’ Among the Top Influencers in 2017. The Blonde Salad is still regarded as one of the most influential fashion websites of all time. Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle are the main topics covered.

Credit: Photo by Tyler Joe


Monikh Dale started her own fashion blog and went on to work as a full-time blogger. In addition to being a contributor to Who What Wear, she is a freelance stylist. Her site features thorough descriptions and ideas for all of her looks, which might assist you in finding beautiful clothing. The following are the main subjects covered: fashion and style.

Credit: Photo by Phill Taylor


Victoria Magrath runs the blog In the Front Row, or Inthefrow, where she is a multi-award-winning fashion expert. As of 2021, her blog remains one of the most influential blogs. Aside from high-end fashion, the blog also features everyday looks and offers make-up and beauty tips. Fashion, travel, and beauty are the main topics explored.



Alyson Walsh’s blog, That’s Not My Age, is the place to go if you’re seeking an adult style guide. This fashion blogger began her career in 2008 and continues to offer “grown-up” fashion tips. Because this is a personal blog, Alyson also shares her own experiences and openly discusses women’s health. Fashion, lifestyle, health, and beauty are the main topics covered.


Ape to Gentleman was founded by Chris Beastall in 2009 to bring timeless flair to modern style. The blog provides information about men’s fashion trends as well as grooming tips and tactics. Chris’ site also includes watching evaluations and automobile recommendations. Men’s style, grooming, lifestyle, vehicles, and watches are among the main subjects discussed.



Although I only included a few of the most creative fashion blogs, there are many more that are equally inspiring. However, without writing a whole fashion blog encyclopedia, it would be impossible to mention all of them. This collection of websites showcasing bloggers’ styles should have given you a good sense of how a fashion blog should resemble. The fashion industry brings individuals from all over the world together, and these blogs are only one method for fashionistas to express themselves.

By Jane Muiruri

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