The Best Brown You Can Get – Inspired By KYLIE!


The Kardashians have been on the news and are notorious for their leaked photos and a full of drama family, but besides that, the skin tone of the entire Kay clan is ideal for those who have the same complexion and want to explore different looks on their skin. Let’s talk about the best brown you can get.

Unlike other Kardashians, Kylie Jenner, with her perfect body and remarkable facial features always carries the best makeup looks.

She goes with brown shades on her lips and eyes for most of the time, and although she has dyed her hair a few times, her natural black shiny locks look great on her.

If your skin tone matches that of Kylie’s, you should try brown and orange colored lipstick with defined contouring. The reason is, with a natural wheat complexion, good contouring stands out and brings out your features, and with that skin tone, you are better off with brown and orange than red and pink.

Wheat complexion or dark complexion blends in easily with brown and orange shades on lips and therefore gives your face a sober and sophisticated look.

As you can see, her makeup flaunts her natural beauty and gives her catty eyes a sultry and seductive look.


Try this look, and invest in some light brown lip shades and a high-quality bronzer. J note has a great collection of contours and lipsticks.


I have personally tried almost all of the nude and brown lipsticks from J NOTE, and needless to say, they last longer than I had expected. Their application is smooth and creamy. You definitely want to try that.


By Amy Benjamin

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