Take 10 Minutes to Get Started With Slipper Style


In the world of fashion, what mostly gets ignored by people are the slipper they wear in their everyday lives. When it comes to shopping for slippers, most people go for comfort while ignoring the fashion aspect it carries. It is indeed a hard decision for anyone to choose style over comfort for something they use every day which is hardly seen by anyone, to begin with.

Remember, there are days when we get ready for a solo trip or get ready to impress ourselves. Slippers are just another convenient way of impressing ourselves on a daily basis and feeling good about ourselves.

Nowadays there are always new styles appearing in the fashion industry and slippers are taking part in it. There are now many styles for slippers available without sacrificing the comfort it has to offer, providing the best solution in the easiest ways.

So let’s get started with different slipper styles which are a must know.

1. Slipper Socks

It is an effective and incredibly comfortable solution for the ones who are not fond of slippers and still wants something comfortable and stylish. The slipper socks can even be worn as a statement piece around the house as it works similar to a slipper but is a sock provided with a sole inside. The sole helps provide grip around the house and to make it function like a slipper without compromising on the style.


2. Bootie Slippers

As the name suggests Bootie Slippers are slippers that are basically comfortable boots as slippers that can be worn inside the house. This inculcates the outside outfit look being completed with boots inside the house. Feel like your everyday outfit inside the house might go well with boots then this might be the style you’re looking for. Bootie slippers are available in the market in various designs suitable to a person’s individual tastes.

It not only has its style benefits but also seasonal benefits these slippers are best worn during winters when feet are easier to get cold. The coverage goes above ankles and keeps the feet warm.



3. Novelty Slipper

Novelty slippers are a great option for people who love colours, patterns and characters. It goes well with colourful outfits or outfits that need a little touch of patterns. These are good options for children as well since the slippers also sometimes have stuffed animals attached to them with the pattern. It can be fun to wear while being functional as well as making a statement.


4. Flip Flop

Yes, the classic Flip Flops. They’re easy to wear, clean and walk in all day round, that’s why these are classic slippers. They can also go well with everyday home outfits. They’re super comfortable to wear during summer and goes perfectly with summer outfits as well. They’re functional, comfortable and stylish.

5. Sheepskin Slippers

These are soft, warm, fluffy and one of the finest options to wear during winter around the house. They minimize the odour caused in feet due to their sweat absorbing ability. These slippers also go well outside winter outfits as well as indoor outfits.


6. Knitted Booties

Knitted Booties are famous for babies but with time these are also entering into the world of grownups. These are a great substitute for in-house slippers and are extremely soft and comfortable. Crochet patterns have now made their way into footwear as well and these go well with indoor winter outfits.


7. Scuff

Scuffs are similar to house slippers having a strong grip. These flats are available in many designs and patterns to experiment with your outfits.


8. Slipper Boots

Just like boots we wear outside our house these are our indoor boots. They go above the ankle and keep the feet warm. Slipper boots can be said to be a hybrid between slipper socks and boots.


9. Moccasins

Moccasins are a female footwear type. This goes well with pyjamas and leggings. These are available in suede, leather, and flannel also in many different materials. These are used to make a fashion statement by people.



By Pooja Shekhar

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