It’s formal! And I like it!

The lady behind the desk or the one in the boardroom knows when to keep it professional and how.

The professional woman is aware of the benefits of having blazers, jackets, and suits. She knows, that she represents her career and workplace, and that requires her effort, in choosing business-like formal and well-designed career wear.

Although many professional women may choose to wear dresses or blouses and skirts, as their under-garment or as their sole career-wear, they would, undoubtedly, have that jacket or blazer nearby. Why? It’s formal, it’s professional and it’s complete.

A blazer or jacket suit can be found with pants or skirts. It all depends on preference. I personally go for the blazer. Whether it’s in the boardroom or behind the desk, that masculine effect of jackets and blazers, commands attention. It’s perfect for the presentation.

Despite what is being worn on top and below, the jacket or blazer can always complete the look. It distracts the attention from that flimsy or transparent blouse that you forgot to iron out this morning. It even hides the thin, spaghetti strap that may slide off your shoulder every now and then. No matter the fault or flash of the inner garment, or the top being worn, the well-tailored jacket or blazer can save the day and either land you a promotion or a permanent job.

Colour is also just as important for strictly professional, as some colors are simply not suitable for the workplace. There may be some changes over the years where the traditional and conventional colors such as, grey, white, black, cream, navy blue and brown, have either been enhanced or replaced by other colors, such as pastels, red, purple, yellow, orange, pink and green, that tend to add vibrancy and variety. Modern styles and designs have found ways to maintain class and sophistication along with professionalism when the color has been used.

Hang it loose or bring it together by a button or a band, the jacket looks the part every time. Take heed that the undergarment may require the closed or buttoned jacket instead of the open jacket if the professional look is at stake.

professional outfit

A common mistake is that formal can become casual depending on the top or bottom attire. In the case of the pants, for the professional and formal to be pulled off, care must be exercised, and the pants should be tailored as opposed to skin fitted. The reason for this is that the jacket will only do so much to help in such a situation, so it is best to be cautious, and not take the risk of leaving the house swanky, taking for granted, the dependable jacket you kept in the office. Although it was left there on purpose for emergencies, should you be expected to fill in for the presentation, in the front of the room, it would only be able to distract up to the waist.

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By Tricia Brown


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