Spring Outfits Ready 2022


If I were to choose the best seasons, it would be Spring and Summer. What I like about spring is the part where all flowers bloom in their own beauty. If you noticed from my name “Belle Fleur” it’s a French name that means beautiful flower. I love flowers, I love the scent of a fresh flower from the garden, and I love seeing flowers in different colors. And that makes me feel excited to share with you some of the ideas I have in mind about what Spring outfits to wear.

The Miniskirt Style

Mini-Skirt spring outfits
Mini-Skirt 2 spring outfits
Mini-Skirt 3 spring outfits

To be honest with you all, a miniskirt is not my style but I like seeing girls wearing this kind of style. I mean it’s so girly and stylish plus you can pair it with whatever shoes you have like a boot, sneakers, or maybe a pair of heels. A miniskirt is totally a perfect style for Spring, you can have a sweater as your top and a mini purse is a good match for it as well.

Floral Maxi Dress Style


maxi dress spring outfits
maxi dress 2 spring outfits
maxi dress 3 spring outfits

Now, tell me. Does a floral maxi dress give you a spring vibe? Coz’ it is for me! Imagine wearing a floral dress with all the flowers in the garden or under the big cherry blossom, it feels like you’re twinning with the season. I always love the idea of wearing a floral maxi dress in spring but I prefer on a sneaker rather than wearing heels.

Denim Jeans & Corset Top Spring Outfit Style

jeans spring outfits

This style is my favorite. I mean who can resist good denim jeans and a comfy corset top? This kind of style will help you to stay warm but at the same time, you can still slay the fashion. I suggest pairing your denim jeans and corset top with heels so that it looks more casual and stylish.

Cardigan Style Spring Outfits

cardigan spring outfits

If you are a girl who always feels cold in spring, I think a cardigan style is good for you. You can wear this for whenever you have to run some errands or maybe go to work. A cardigan is casual wear also and you can pair it with jeans or maybe a dress.

Any idea what to wear in spring? I think I’ll go with a mini skirt style since I haven’t tried that style yet. Comment down below and let’s talk about your spring outfit idea. See you at the next one!

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By Belle Willow

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