Saree Draping Tips: How To Tie A Saree? Fashion Hacks


Saree is counted among the most beautiful Indian wear. In the changing era of fashion, the fashion of saree has also changed a lot. The more beautiful the saree looks, the more difficult it is to tie it. However, once you know the art of tying a saree, you will not find anything better and more comfortable than that.

Saree is always a hit in fashion

Saree available in many fabrics, colors, and prints is a bit difficult to handle. If you have a habit of wearing one, then there will not be many problems, but if you are a hobbyist sometimes wearing one, there is bound to be some problems. Many girls are afraid to wear one because they are worried that it might open.

If you too are afraid to wear a saree, then know today some easy and best Saree Draping Tips, which will prove to be very helpful for you.

Do makeup before tying a saree

Before wearing a saree, keep some things in mind. After wearing a petticoat and blouse, do your makeup and hairstyling. If you make makeup and hair after wearing a saree, then makeup products can fall on your saree. Makeup stains are not easily cleaned. That’s why you are advised to do makeup before wearing a saree.

It is necessary to get them pressed

Some basic things are needed to wear a saree. No matter how many casual occasions you are wearing the saree, but wear it only after getting it pressed. Tying a pressed saree becomes many times easier. This makes the plates good and it is also easy to manage.

Fitting of petticoat

Your petticoat gives a nice shape to your saree and helps in bringing a good fall in it. Make sure that your petticoat is not too big or too thick. If you do not get a perfect-fitting petticoat, then get it changed by the tailor.

Tie a saree after wearing footwear

Most of the girls wear heels with saree. Always tie the saree after wearing heels (or whatever footwear you want to carry). This gives you an idea of ​​how high the saree is to be tied. Many times when you wear heels after wearing a sari, then your sari becomes excessively high.


Tie at the right place

To get the perfect look of the saree, it is necessary that it should be tied to the right place. The saree should neither be too high from the bottom nor so low at the waist that it looks strange. If your tummy is a little out, then start tying the saree above the navel or right from the navel itself. If your waist is thin and tummy flat, then you can tie the saree from one and a half to two inches below the navel.

How to make saree plates

Saree can never tie well in a hurry, so always be patient while tying it. If you are slim then make thin plates and if you are curvy then make slightly wider plates. This will prevent a lot of fabric from collecting on your stomach area. If you are not an expert in making plates, then make them with the help of someone.

Always carry a safety pin

Use a safety pin in the plates, in the pallu, and wherever you are afraid of opening it. Use big pins for some plates and small pins for the pallu of the saree. Also, do not forget to keep extra safety pins in your purse as well.

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By Shara Sharma


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