Return of 20th Century Fashion

20th century fashion

Fashion trends come and go, but the ones we thought were left in the past are reappearing in our daily lives. The styles from 20th century fashion that are becoming more and more popular have swept different parts of the world. The clothes that were popular during our parents’ or grandparents’ generation have been seen in different thrift or brand stores during every new collection. Even though it is without a doubt a fact that these designs are uniquely fashionable and can bewitch people with different tastes, some factors make them even more appealing. One of the factors is the media and TV we consume.

In media, we do not only mean Instagram and Facebook or Youtube, where the influencers teach us new hacks for creating fashionable designs from old clothes. TV shows, movies, and short series are becoming more and more accessible for everyone, are produced at a faster pace, and have better quality. These mediums set different standards for us. These can be some things regarding fashion, knowledge, or art. In this blog, we will discuss TV shows that influence society’s fashion senses.

The first TV show comes from the late 90s, and surely many have heard about it. “Friends” became massively popular during its original release dates and is still one of the most popular and watched shows. The jokes from TV shows do not get old, and so does not the fashion that it brought on a TV. Six main characters have their unique styles and never fail to look fashionable. Starting from mom jeans and Dr Martens, ending with flower print dresses and accessories, Friends gave millennials a new fashion sense and reinvented their sense of style. We have to thank “Friends” for bringing back our favourite mom and boyfriend jeans and cardigans. Many people look after Rachel Green’s and Monica Geller’s styles, who never fail to present something new during every episode while not being too edgy in their choices. These two girls can pull off everything, starting from sportswear ending with elegant evening gowns or just daily wear. One of the other characters whose fashion sense is a bit unconventional but still appropriate for many is Phoebe Buffay, whose typical wardrobe consists of long dresses with flowery prints and outfits that include at least five different colours. Even though this might sound too much for some, she never fails to blend the colours and present the outfit in an exquisite way.

One other TV show that presented the style of the 80s in the story that takes place during modern times is “Sex Education”. There was even a joke running around which mentioned that people could not understand during what time the show was set. Even though the teenagers had modern gadgets, they dressed as though they were from the 80s. The show’s bright colours will remind everyone of the times when people liked to express themselves via their colour palettes. It includes a lot of yellow and red; boys and girls equally do not shy away from any colour choices and wear them confidently. I think this show illustrates how millennial and Gen Z culture is influenced by the fashion of their parents or even grandparents. Even though they use their own approaches to modernize the clothes, you can still see the influence of the old style. Some of the teenagers pull off a little bit of grunge, other ones wear typical fashion wear while the guys pull off some of the best flower printed shirts. This TV show became massively popular and, I must say, influenced the fashion sense of those who were committed to it.

More TV shows are reintroducing different styles, for example, Queen’s Gambit or the Crown. Both of these TV shows show off different fashion styles of the characters. Queen’s gambit brought back some of the iconic headbands and cardigans. Moreover, the main character was wearing some of the best winter coats currently sold in thrift stores. The Crown, on the other hand, works its way up from the late 50s to 90s and introduces the styles of Queen Elizabeth and her sister Margaret. These two women illustrate the diverse fashion of the 20th century. If Margaret is wearing more open clothes and does not shy away from high-waisted pants, Elizabeth is more classy and wears undeniably breathtaking dresses. However, the biggest hit from the show was princess Diana, whose style, as everyone is aware, has never left our radars. Princess has a mixed taste and can pull off, high wasted jeans and pants, flowery dresses and shirts, open or closed evening gowns, and sportswear. Some of the small fashion houses have already started making the lookalikes of her iconic cardigans and jumpers.

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