Winter season is here and let’s face it, winter outfits can be hella cute and fashionable if you know what you are doing, but if you don’t agree with this statement, let me give you some facts on why winter fashion is superior to summer fashion!


1. Frizzy hair? Don’t care!

A cute beanie is all you need and your hairstyle is done! It will be our little secretšŸ¤«


2. Sweatshirts and Sweaters don’t need ironing! Duh!

I am one of those people who is always late and never has time to iron my clothes and if I do I still don’t because I hate it, So this is just perfectšŸ’«


3. Overcoat look hella luxe/rich

Am I only the one that thinks that overcoats look hella sophisticated and fashionable? I mean look at PC just rocking it.


4. Can get away without a braĀ 

To be honest, we all have done it! Not wearing a bra because there is no need under layers and layers of clothing! Comfort at its best.


5. Need waxing? Ah, maybe next season!

Why was when no part of your body is gonna be visiblešŸ¤«


6. Just another excuse to buy an obscene amount of scarfs and socks

Scarfs just elevate the look of any outfit and don’t get me started on those cute fluffy socksšŸ˜


7. Layering Clothes is Oh-So-Fun

Layering and layering Clothes and still being comfortable! Who doesn’t want that!



8. Boots supremacy

Boots with jeans, boots with stockings, boots with pyjamas, BOOTS GO WITH EVERYTHING!


9. It.Just.Is( and you know it)



Blog by: Priya Grover

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