‘Purple’ as the Ultimate Color Of Fashion Trend


We all have a favorite color that we love to wear. How many of us know every color has its symbolic meaning associated with it?

Purple color indicates a type of personality that is creative, charming, insightful and has a love for the arts. It is also well and truly the ultimate fashion trend nowadays. The best way to wear purple is either with a color block or a head-to-toe monochrome approach which makes these soft hues a very bold fashion statement. You can also mix and match with classic orange and turquoise, light green, pink, and mint.

Keep scrolling to see how you can wear this trend inspired by street style influencers and creations on the catwalk.

Purple with Classic Orange

These pastel colors really pop when paired with others that are even brighter, but they’re also truly elegant when paired with this classic orange.

Purple with Yellow

These hues also pop when paired with bright yellow, they’re insightful when paired together.

Purple with turquoise

Embrace color contrast by mixing and matching purple with even more attention-grabbing colors like this sheer skirt with a knitwear top.


 Head-to-toe monochrome

purple 548

Purple With Light Green

purple 345

With Mint



you can introduce these hues into your wardrobe with fun accessories to add a chic touch to any look. You can try bags and shoes in a solid minimalist design, or experiment with extra touches to add a special twist. Have fun with it.

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By Gelila Shita

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