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Friends, have a wonderful Monday! I’ve been living in nothing but soft loungewear lately, so in today’s post, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite loungewear and loungewear combinations. If you’re like me and enjoy wearing loungewear both at home and on the go, stay scrolling for some styling tips for loungewear on the move.

Tips on Styling Loungewear

▪️I’ve got you covered if you’re willing to take your loungewear out of the home but don’t know how to dress it. Here are a few of my recommendations:

▪️For an edgy style, pair it with a jean jacket and some dad shoes or white sneakers, going to look Stylish.

▪️Mix and match dressy clothes, for example, if you have two sets, combine the tops from one with the bottoms from the other. If you want to wear identical sets but the print is too loud, add a denim jacket around the waist, a zip-up sweatshirt, or anything similar to break it up.

▪️Jewelry always takes a stand, and I like to mix it up with hefty gold pieces. I strongly believe that the right accessories can completely transform an outfit

▪️If the top has a drawstring, tuck it in (french tuck). If you’re wearing a dress, tucking in the top will draw attention to your waist.

▪️Tuck the hem of the t-shirt into the band of a sports bra and go for it. You may then style your tee in a variety of ways by pairing it with any pair of bottoms.

▪️For a casual and playful style, pair your oversized button-up shirt or t-shirt with shorts. You may also wear your hoodie with a skirt for a fun and unique look.


▪️Comfortable footwear is always the best option. However, why do you dress it up with some party-ready heels to make it look even more glamorous? It may be worn with either strappy heels or pumps.

▪️I hope you found these fast hints useful, and that you discovered some great loungewear to buy! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

By Sara Khan

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