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As you all know fashion is my sweetest escape. And speaking about fashion, I have a funny story about a shoulder-padded top. I first saw it from a celebrity in Thailand. At first, I was hesitant about the style because I feel like it will make your arm bigger or something since it’s sleeveless. But when I went to the H&M store I feel like something is pushing me to check out this style and during that time the shoulder-padded top is on sale at a very affordable price for a branded top plus it’s a new trending style. And guess what I did? I just bought 3 tops in different colors. I know you will say I’m crazy, but can you blame me? It’s on sale, you guys!

Here are the top 3 ideas on how to pair your shoulder-padded top

Shoulder Padded Top On Jeans Style


Among the 3 styles, this one is my favorite. A shoulder pad top is always a good pair of jeans whether it’s denim or a colored one. It’s casual especially if you wear heels and some pieces of jewelry.

Shoulder Padded Top On Shorts Style


Tap the heart emoji in the comment section if you guys prefer this look. It looks chic and casual. I love pairing the top with a necklace and sunglasses whenever I’m going out and a good sneaker is a perfect combo for this style.

Shoulder Padded Top On Trousers Style

I haven’t tried trousers on my shoulder-pad top not because I don’t like the style but I feel like it doesn’t suit me. I have a petite body and usually, my size is extra-small but for a shoulder-pad top, I prefer a small size which is why I don’t pair it with my trousers. But here’s the thing about trousers on a shoulder-pad top. You can wear this whenever you need to go to the office or you have a meeting. it’s formal and comfortable to wear as well.

The reason why I bought a few shoulder-padded tops it’s because it is casual and you can pair them with whatever you have in the closet. It is very comfortable as well especially if you bought the shoulder-padded top from H&M. I don’t know from other brands but H&M and Shein have the best quality of the shoulder-pad top.

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By Belle Willow

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