Perfect Dresses for the Party Season


Whether you are a hard-core party animal or you like to keep your parties quiet and simple at home, December is the party season…..And, party season essentially means you are going to be wearing a pretty dress, a dress that is glamorous with a bit of shimmer and shine. I personally do not like to break my bank to buy a party dress because I know I will be wearing it only on a few special occasions. But at the same time, I do not like to opt for a very inexpensive dress, walk into parties just to find three other girls wearing the same dress! Trust me, it does happen!   


Different styles work better on different body types. You are not going to find any body shaming here, and we don’t believe that you need a certain body type or size to wear certain dresses. However, when shopping online, you can’t try a dress on before purchasing, so picking styles that are more likely to work with your body type can increase your chances of picking a winner the first time

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So, I spent a lot of time putting together a shopping guide to buy party dresses that are unique in design and easy on your wallet. All these dresses are under $100 and definitely look a lot expensive than that! And, these are the pieces that I personally love, would buy at this price point and would definitely wear.

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By Sara Khan 

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