Outfit Ideas For The Rainy Season


It’s been raining a lot in my home town for like 3 days now and I think it’s a sign for me to write about outfit ideas for the rainy season. I’m not a fan of the rainy season but I always feel great whenever it’s raining. Do you know why? Because every day is a sunny day from where I live and I can’t stand the heat of the sun even if it’s not summer yet. Kidding aside, what I like about rain is the smell of the coffee. I don’t know if it is just me but coffee hits different whenever it’s raining. Plus the cozy and warmth of the whole place wherein finally! we can use the fireplace to warm up. Above all, the clothes that ladies wear when it’s raining.

Lounge Wear Style

Who else here wears slouchy loungewear all the time? I am! Raining or not loungewear is the best choice to warm yourself up. It’s comfortable and you can move easily, especially if you’re a momma who has a lot of work at home this one is a good home outfit idea for you.

Sweater On Legging Style


This style is very simple and minimal. You can wear this whenever you need to run errands on rainy days. This is what my style looks like actually if it’s raining and I have to go somewhere. But the thing is I don’t wear white shoes when it’s raining. Lol!

Working Girl Style


When it’s raining but you have to get up and go to work? This style is probably for you. Whatever you wear to look stylish on a rainy day that’s a plus point for you, girl. But don’t forget to bring a coat with you to make the whole outfit rainy style! I’m sure you don’t want to freeze in the cold street as well. I suggest a boot will help you to stay your feet warm. Here’s a tip, you want to stay poise even if it’s raining right? I recommend you to not use a big bag and do not carry a lot of things when it’s raining. They are a hassle for you especially if you are walking the street with a lot of people. It will be a disaster for sure. You don’t want to look like a wet chicken on the street, do you?

Queen Elsa Style


The reason why I called this style a Queen Elsa style it’s because I’ve seen a lot of ladies wearing clothes that make me think if what they are wearing is appropriate on a rainy day. I mean, I’m being judgemental I know but come on you guys! Seriously? Wearing a mini skirt paired with heels and a soft top on a rainy day? It will make you freeze unless you’re Elsa from the Frozen movie 😂 I’m just kidding, don’t mind me being nosy lol! Though what you are wearing is a fashion and your style so whatever that makes you feel comfortable, go with it but please bring a coat. We can’t afford to get sick, especially in times of pandemic.

Writing this article gave me so much joy. Some of the things I told you guys brought me to memories that make me laugh especially the last outfit idea. Nevertheless, it’s always fun and exciting to share a new blog with all of you. See you next time!

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By Belle Willow

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