Old and latest Fashion Trend


The old fashion men or women feel more empowered when they wear the perfect outfit when they go out and attend some event. Sometimes we feel proud and confident of ourselves because we presented ourselves just the way we wanted it to be. Looking back from the old trend fashion, everyone is quite modest and conservative as I define them. My curiosity lead me to search about old fashion and why is it now a fashion trend to wear, again.

To what I see it looks fascinating and I saw elegant women and descent men wearing a descent clothes. Some women are covered with too much clothes and some are not that covered. It depends on the culture and tradition they are in.

As I keep on comparing the old fashion trend before and now is not that far from our definition. A definition of carrying confidence, elegance and decency to every clothes we wear whether fully covered with clothes or not. Even if the old fashion is different from now I still found similarities because today’s fashion is inspired by the old fashion trend. What I have here is the old fashion trend to latest fashion trend I searched from the trend before and now.

What I have here only what sums up everything I searched:





I can see no difference because nothing has changed. I can say that it is more likely enhanced as time goes by.


Corduroy Pants





This is my comparison from the old and latest trend. The lower part of the latest jeans is tightened not like from the old trend.


In my opinion, I thought scrunchies is not famous before. But when I look at old pictures I saw one of these.

Silk Scarves


Silk Scarves are used in different ways. Mostly it is used to cover head from direct sunlight before but on the latest trend it is now used for fashion. Also covering your hair with a silk wrap helps to keep the spirals intact and prevents the curls from falling out of shape or breaking up and looking frizzy.

Flared Pants


This is a real comeback fashion. I only saw this on TV when I was still a kid. We are seeing this silhouette due to the retro style coming back into fashion.

Just like seasons, trends come and go. It is hard to cope up with the trends specially when you are on a tight budget but would also love to buy trendy clothes. The only solution I have without hurting your bank account is to reuse your old clothes and match them.


Photos are from Google and Pinterest

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