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I never paid much attention to office fashion, mainly because I didn’t think that I would work in an office working environment but looking at a few of my favorite movies like ‘The Devil wears Prada’ or ‘Iron Man’s – Pepper Potts stylish office fashion, makes me think that of course people that work in an office does have at least half of their closet full of button up shirts, pants, pencil skirts and whatever people wear to the office.

Hey, guys, it’s me Andrea and this is another one of my ridiculous stories of how I ended up with a job that I clearly had no clue about, and didn’t come prepared for. And by prepared, I mean “UNDERDRESSED” **mentally slaps head**

office fashion 1
office fashion 2

So that is what I usually wear for work, interviews and well………….for formal business. In case it is not clear, I don’t really show much skin. I mostly wear long-sleeved clothes and long skirts or pants that pass my knee………….call me old-fashioned but it is comfortable.

office fashion 3

And that is what ‘Yours sincerely’ was wearing when I got a call to come over for an interview the same day. I couldn’t really ask to come tomorrow instead now could I? Beggars can’t be choosers so I quickly made my way to the office of the place I will be working in for a  while and well, I got the job. SHOCKER!! But yeah I did get the job.

And right after that interview, I spent a good amount in clothing shops clearly to buy my office attires. Professional skirts and all that.

All in all, I was myself in that interview and although maybe I do not emphasize it enough or maybe i did……..JUST BE YOURSELF.

That’s it for today. Check up later cause I got to go now and pick out my sister’s clothes for her “DATE”……..if she ever goes to one 🙂


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By Andrea Kings.

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