Nail It



It’s all about ‘Nailing’ the admiration.

When a person does their nails, they desire a specific look of their hands on a keyboard, holding a smart phone, opening or holding their clutch purse or gesturing.

I believe, beautiful and well done nails, can only be achieved by envisioning all aspects to the complexion, as well as the size and shape of the fingers. Success is determined at the end, by how well it compliments the hands. Please, do not forget the hands.


In my opinion, the answer is yes! Competition already exists in the cosmetic industry. Certain brands tend to last longer and the texture is richer.  However the nail tech may use her own choice of brands in most cases, and with her talent, she can obtain the long lasting result, using the appropriate textures and additional art or designs.

It all boils down to personal preference and choice. ????

Which colour, texture, shade, length and art, satisfies ‘the client’s’ senses, should “hit the nail on the head” . In many instances the nail tech may “hit the nail” instead, but this would ultimately depend on the experience, passion and dedication of the tech to satisfy and please the client.


Yes! It has to satisfy the senses. The sense of sight. The satisfaction experienced when choosing appropriate colours.The acceptance within oneself that says “Yesss!”



When nails are being done for  weddings or specific to special events, I strongly advise to consider the Colour of the attire or colour code being worn, before choosing the Colour for the nails. However, choosing colours that can outlast an event and can go well with other colours, would be wise. 

Whether it’s manicure or pedicure, fingers or toes, the same focus for what appeals to the senses most, should be applied. The Colour! ????

Colour is the first choice the client will make. This choice is then followed by the texture. The client will decide whether they prefer gloss, matte, metallic, glitter or gel. It is all about the taste. However, these choices must reflect the person and suit their skin tone or complexion, if it has to score. 



Whether we want to match it, metalized it, gloss it, matte it or decorate it, the goal should be to “Nail It”❣️


For this to happen, the nail tech and the client, should discuss all options. A choice has to be made among using the person’s natural nails, acrylic nails, gel or press ons. Of course, the clients may already know the type they want and prefer.


This choice depends on the pattern the client wants to have. The design or art chosen, has a part to play at this stage. However, careful consideration must be applied here, where the shape and size of the client’s fingers, should be considered. Must be considered.


Looking only at the nails cannot determine that you’ve ‘Nailed It’. The final result is an overall evaluation, that includes the hands and how well the completed nails compliment them.

By Tricia Brown

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