Nail Art At Home: Decorate Your Nails Yourself at Home


Nail Art At Home

Decorate your nails yourself at home, know the best way, and design to do nail art –

Polka dots from clothes to nails

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Polka dots are never out of fashion. It looks beautiful on everything from clothes to nails and accessories. If you are also a fan of the retro style of polka dots, then you can make it on nails as a nail art design. However, while making it, keep in mind that it does not look over. For this, you first apply a nail paint of a solid color. Then make dots with the help of Bobby Pin. Make sure that the solid color coat applied to the nail has dried thoroughly before making the dots.

It’s nice to have a light shine in life

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Everyone likes light glitter. To make your look simple, use glitter on one nail of both hands. If you like glitter in nail art, then apply glitter on your ring finger. It looks more beautiful.

Matte color in fashion

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In recent times, the trend of matte effect has increased in the nail art trend. Do you know that with one ingredient present in the kitchen, you can give a matte look to nail polish? Before applying nail polish on the nails, sprinkle a little corn starch on them.

Every look is incomplete without neon

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If you like the Neon Effect in your nails, then make Neon Nail Art at home. To enhance the beauty of the neon color, apply a white base coat on the nails. For a funky and graceful look, apply white color on all your nails and only one neon shade.


Always remember these tips for the best nail art

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If you face any problems in applying nail paint on the nails, then apply petroleum jelly on the cuticles of your nails. Remove the nail paint after applying it. For the beautiful finishing of nail art, definitely apply a transparent coat from above. If you want to give a matte finish to the nail art, then you can also buy Matte Transparent Coat from the market.

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By Shara Sharma

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