My top 6 Jewelry Gemstones


When you are talking about popular gems it’s fair to say the diamond is usually at the top by virtue of the engagement ring. But there are so many popular gorgeous gems that tend to get ignored for this very reason. This list is the most popular jewelry gemstones for 2021.


Amethysts have a deep purple color and are quite unusual. Some call them a calming stone that represents happiness, love, and wealth.

 Blue Topaz


Blue Topaz has a brilliant blue color that sparkles like the hue of the sky and is affordable as it is beautiful.



Really what more is there to say about diamonds? They are still a girls best friend and are as timeless as gold.



The Emerald has long been popular with the royal set all the way back to Egypt. Once believed to represent rebirth and fertility these deep green stones look great alone or with diamonds.



The ruby is a vibrant deep red color that is thought to represent love and affection. They are actually in the Sapphire family and are the standard gift for the 40th wedding anniversary.




The Blue Sapphire is one of the most popular stones used in Jewelry. Sapphires come in many colors, but blue is the most popular.

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