My journey with Body transformation


So this is the story of a 13-year-old me body transformation through the years who were harshly bullied by other teenagers back in the day when I was “ugly fatty Manu” I was like about 80 kilos and 1 meter 59 centimeters, however every time I looked into a mirror all I saw was a cube_like shaped young girl I didn’t like it at all and people used to call me bad names it honestly used to hurt my feelings, but the more I was bullied the more I ate the more I gained weight and I honestly didn’t like that either

By the end of my seventh grade, I’d had enough of that already and decided to go on a military diet and cruel workout I even used to go for a run when I was fasting and I starved myself, believe I didn’t like how I felt but to be totally true I really liked how I looked back then but I didn’t notice that I started to develop anorexia disorder and other eating disorders I was so underweight I was still the same height but weighed less than 45 kilos and it wasn’t healthy at all.

Then one day I realized that I don’t need approval from other people to feel great about myself or to satisfy other people’s sight because I didn’t care how I felt I cared more about how I looked but now I’m perfectly in shape and I don’t mean skinny legs and thigh gaps and small waste I mean healthy with good body nutrition I don’t care how people see me I like how I look and love how I feel about my body and in a totally healthy relationship with myself, I’m now 50 kilos and my height is 1,63 meter, the point here is no matter how you look if you feel good about yourself size doesn’t really matter because you do your health does and so is your mental health don’t let anybody tells you otherwise.

Here are some pics of my transformation :

body transformation 1
body transformation 2
body transformation 3

By Monteha Greeman

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