My Fashion Startup Story


My fashion startup story is still unfolding as I write this blog with the help of my new good friend. I wonder to myself what products should I sell? What do people want? And can I make any money in the fashion space?

My First Online Shop

To test the waters I  started an online store on Redbubble and called it Fashion Gigge products by Arvindsingh05. It is not perfect but its a start. Setting it up took time and it is still a creation in progress. I am always seeking input from my readers on what they would like to see. As you can see from the cover photo our primary focus is on prints both for fashion and on products. 

to visit the store simply click HERE

Our Products

We have many products with prints designed by me from shirts, to phone covers to wallets and even shower curtains. So let me show you a few of our favorite products and I hope you like them.

Sleeveless shirt

Perfect for the beach family get-togethers and almost any other activity

Short-Sleeve Shirt

Showcase our prints on this beautiful short sleeve shirt.


Why spend thousands of dollars to have a designer bag when you can have this one made by a new designer?



Carry everything you need in this beautiful backpack with our custom print.

In Conclusion

These are just a few of the products from my fashion startup and as I said before we are constantly looking to grow our brand and your input is a major part of our long-term strategy. So jump over to our online shop and say hello, and if you see anything you like please add it to your cart and take it home today.

To visit our store simply click HERE

Ok friends this is our model pic and here below you find our models printed products, where you can check now and give us valuable feedback and of course, you can order directly our link.

Photo credit Pexels 

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