My Fashion Passion


For me words of wisdom are my best reference above all, the best people to ask about it are our old folks because of their vast experience in hardships, adventure love, and conflict which most of the time are told through their neverending stories with life’s lessons of fashion.


I’ve come to like reading quotes and stories of the same because of my old folks and they are the very same reason why I started writing my own at the time when a few of my friends asked for advice from me. Although I felt I am in no position to be, the fact that am not technically adept to give out professional advice, I can’t turn down a friend in need. And all I do is give suggestions and it worked for them using my own references of wisdom along with the motivational quotes I’ve read and heard from my old folks, which to me came out handy.

I feel elated not because of me, but because of the outcome. Making someone feel better from what I’ve learned, without insisting on what I know, but only to that extent of suggesting what to do based on experience is a relative way to extend a helping hand the smart way. This, I realize that words are powerful, so we must choose what we say, and saying it in a nice way makes it helpful.

Quotes are the best reference whenever you feel gloomy, down, and disappointed among other types of feelings you may feel at any given time and situation. The letters formed in a quote become significant when it has an impact on somebody else’s life while it changes their perspective when used with powerful words which drive emotions and maneuvers our feelings to a lighter perspective.

To that effect, I started to write my own to somehow influence well others who need it, with the very same purpose; to make others motivated, to spread a positive mindset, to influence others to do good through positive words. While it creates an avenue for me to spread positivity, it’s a cathartic way to express myself in a way that I want the idea of doing good to be heard by all kinds of people in all corners of the world.

You might be wondering, how is this related to our fashion passion by the way? Well, we can influence others through fashion. And in my own little way, I am passionate about Fashion Quotes. This name is my outlet to express what I’ve read, heard, learned, and experienced throughout about wisdom in all forms. It is where I create my own derivative designs of the famous quotes on the tees. 

I believe a  Tee is a vehicle of visuals if used wisely, can be used as a walking reference of good letters printed on Tees.  Wearers certainly spread a good vibe by letting other people they meet read what they wear. We’ll never know there is someone you meet along the road who needs the boost they need and read something on your tee that made feel good after reading it. 


A word can be read. A pearl of wisdom can influence others. A pearl of printed wisdom might be significant to one, too few too many. 

That’s Fashion Quote, you say what you mean and you wear what you say, just in the most and kindest way.

Keepsafe and take care lovely people.

Photo credit Pexels 

By Lillo Adastra

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