My 5 Fashion Mantras I Swear By…


Every once in a while an outfit comes the way that leaves me speechless. The outfit, of course, has to be an ace on the following 5 parameters:

Comfort, Quality, Adding to my Confidence, Repeatability,  Being Hassle-free. There is something about an outfit that makes it different, wearable and in a way comfortable. Sometimes it’s the colour, most other times it’s the fitting. In the case of my dresses, it’s the amalgamation of dreams. Here I go one by one on my 5 fashion mantras I swear by.

fashion mantras

My 5 Fashion Mantras

1.  Comfort

If I can’t take an outfit from dawn to dusk, what’s the point? How many times have we just wanted to get home to change into something comfortable because the current outfit would have bitten us to pieces? Comfort is the foremost attribute of an outfit that stands the test of time for me. If it’s uncomfortable, I don’t buy. I don’t care how good it looks or how little it costs. I won’t wear it any which ways so why waste my money on something just because it looks good. Right?

2. Quality

Quality over quantity for me, always! Buy one but buy well. Quality stays for years and proves to be cheaper in the longer run. Always choose quality over quantity and wear healthy clothes. One can look at your clothes and judge you. Make their judgement worth its while.

3. Adding to my confidence

I always select pieces that add to my confidence. Some silhouettes make me look thinner, hehe, some sexier, wink. We all have certain colours and cuts that suit our caricatures. Choose outfits that enhance your confidence and bring about a big smile.

4. Repeatability  

If I can’t repeat my clothes in different ways, that outfit is useless for me. Mix & match lets me be creative. Furthermore, I’m a big promoter of sustainability. Every outfit should pass the 30 wears test. Our lives have to be sustainable for a better tomorrow. Sustainability starts at home, from your own wardrobe.

5. Being Hassle-free

Our outfits should be hassle-free so that we can operate the day totally hassle-free. Remember the last time you were irritated through the day because your outfit hassled you in & out. Stay away from such outfits however sexy they may look. Sexiness is in comfort. Sexiness is in quality. Sexiness is being hassled free.

By Sara Khan

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