Must Try Street Wear That Looks Very Simple Yet Eye Catching.


Street wear is one of the most prominent and widespread styles. Nothing can go wrong with a fashion sense that highly exposed individualism. Streets fashion doesn’t only focus on the trend but it says a lot about a person’s standards and personality.

Here are some of the “must try” streets wear that looks simple but very conspicuous. First, we have this look:

Street wear 987

                                           (Photos from Google)

This style is probably one of my preferences. This style is very common to Koreans and they are very advanced and have a good fashion sense. This first look with a combination of shorts, a fitted inner crop top with a jacket to make it a little conservative, and shoes with socks. One thing that makes this style look very captivating is the choice of color. Black always is a good choice especially when you have a white complexion. It doesn’t appear like it’s exaggerated and over-flaunt. It looks simple yet chic-looking. 


Street wear 875

At first I thought that a sweater and a tennis skirt combined together are odd combos because a tennis skirt is not usually used for styling but seeing it visually makes me think twice. A good color combination is important as well for matching this pieces. Even when you don’t have a white complexion or doesn’t really tall but when wearing this pair, it makes you very stylish and adorable.

Street wear 234

Talking about comfort and style? this is the perfect match. Usually we tucked in oversized shirts but just letting it drop looks so cool especially it it’s paired with a baggy jeans. This style looks very contemporary and comfortable to wear. If you’re a bit conservative but you want to be sexy, you don’t actually have to expose your skins to look good, this style is fire. For some considerations, this looks too good for those skinny persons.

Street wear 123

This last style looks very casual and effortless. A shorts and an oversized shirt is a good pick as well. This probably one of the most comfortable wear that anyone ever tried on. Wearing this makes you really sexy even if it didn’t shape your body but the impact it offers to the crowd is inevitable. This style is not overdone but still amuses people.


Whatever style that you prefer, it’s always your choice. Sometimes, looking good doesn’t depend on the clothes that you wear but on the way you handle it and the way we carry yourself with the clothes on. It’s also a matter of confidence. Make sure than whenever you walk, walk with pride because once you feel good and proud about yourself, you attract people’s eyes without forcing them to take a glance on you. 

Lastly, always remember this quote, “I don’t do fashion, I am fashion” – Coco Chanel. It’s always you who decide and make it, not anyone. 

Photo credit Pinterest

By MJ 

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