Morganite Rings: Meaning, Durability, and Types


Morganite is one of the most fabulous varieties of pink color gemstones which are quite popular in the jewelry industry. It is in heavy demand among young brides who wish to commit to their partners for a lifetime with a pink gemstone engagement ring. Morganite rings are favored for their peach-pinkish hues and warm appearance.

With pink being the color of heavenly love, all pink color gemstones including morganites are blessed to spread the feelings of love and divinity among their wearers. Let us focus our attention on the pink-hued morganites in the following sections and get acquainted with their meaning, types, durability, and other properties.

Welcome to the World of Morganite Rings

Morganite is one of the best alternatives to pink diamonds. It incorporates peach-pinkish hues giving it an elegant look and feel in every form of jewelry, be it a pendant necklace, stud earrings, solitaire ring, or eternity bracelet. Speaking of its origin, morganite gemstone is a semi-precious variety of beryl mineral with traces of manganese found in it. It shares a bond with other gemstones such as aquamarine and emeralds which are other members of the beryl family but unlike these age-old stones, morganite was discovered relatively later, in 1910 in Madagascar.

Morganites were so named inspired by the name of J.P. Morgan, a well-known American banker and gemstone enthusiast of his era. Today, morganites are naturally mined at locations in Afghanistan, Brazil, and the United States along with Madagascar. However, the magenta-hued morganites originally found at the Madagascar mines still set the standard for the ideal morganite crystals throughout the world.

Unveiling Morganite Ring’s Durability

Morganites offer considerable durability on the Mohs hardness scale with a score between 7.5 and 8 which makes it suitable for everyday use. But you still need to keep the stone in wrap when you are indulged in some laborious work that may chip or scratch the stone. One thing to take note of is that even though morganites are not as highly-priced as emeralds, they ensure more durability and clarity over the latter because most of the morganite crystals lack fractures and other inclusions commonly present in the emeralds.

Morganite Rings

Know More About Morganite Colors

When you go out for your morganite ring purchase, you need to look for several factors such as the color, clarity, cut, and the carat weight of the stone which will directly impact its price. Just like any other gemstone, morganites are mined in a range of pink color tones and saturation levels, with some exhibiting elegant and soft hues while others revealing vibrantly active tones with a tinge of orange.

Another promising feature of the stone is that it is pleochroic in nature, that is, the stone displays different tones of pink along the axis when viewed from different angles. As far as the ideal color is concerned, the most demanding shade is the one that is rich in pink color and is eye-clean, that is devoid of any eye-visible inclusions.


Morganite Rings Types At a Glance

Morganites can be found in three different varieties in the market: natural morganite, artificial or lab-grown morganite, and imitation morganite stones. Natural variety is the one which is formed inside the earth’s crust and hence is the most expensive of the three and the preferred choice. Synthetic or artificial ones are developed in labs but are as real as natural ones. They possess similar chemical and physical properties but are sold at a price lower than that of their natural counterpart. Lastly, the imitation morganites are again man-made stones commanding the lowest price for just being optically similar to the real morganites but possessing an entirely different chemical composition.

Spiritual Symbolism Behind Morganite Rings

Being associated with the pink color, morganites have been the messengers of love, romance, and compassion. Morganites are said to overcome differences in communication between partners and strengthen their relationship by developing better understanding and harmony between them. Morganites can also stimulate the heart chakra and hence can promote spiritual healing of the heart by elevating the owner’s inert power and confidence while ensuring the health and the growth of the physical heart as well.

End Note

How special are morganite rings is evident from the fact that even celebrities from the entertainment world have effortlessly graced themselves with morganite engagement rings. One instance is that of the British actress Lily Collins who has been spotted sporting her morganite engagement sparkler from her husband Charlie McDowell at one of the red carpet events. You can also redefine your meaning of love and affection to your partner with our range of morganite engagement rings and avail benefits or exciting offers on selected deals.

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