Milk and Beauty


Humans have milk as a first diet. Everybody is fond of milk and milk products around the world. As milk plays very important role in the growth of our body, it also contains various proteins and vitamins that are very beneficial for skin. We can add to our beauty by using milk and milk products.

Let’s know how we can add to our beauty by using milk :

# Our skin glows when we apply the mixture of raw milk and rosewater onto it.

# Squeeze two rose flowers into a half glass of raw milk. Keep the mixture as it is for 30 minutes. Then rub the mixture slowly onto your skin. Let the mixture be there onto your skin until it dries up. Then wash it with cold water. Your skin will become pink and soft.

# Mix some salt in a half glass of milk. Apply that milk onto your face in the morning and in the evening for some days. Pimples will be vanished.

# Grind half spoon of black sesame and half spoon of mustard seeds and mix them with milk. Apply the mixture onto pimples. Pimples will disappear within a few days.

# Make a cosmetic of the mixture of lemon juice, potato juice, wheat bran and milk and apply it onto pimples. Pimples and even pimple marks will disappear.

# If your lips have become black, milk will do the job. Just apply little milk everyday, blackness will disappear and your lips will become soft and pink.

# If you have cracked lips mix one drop of rosewater and one drop of lemon juice in the skimmed milk and apply the mixture onto your lips before you go for bed. You will get comfort.


# Make a cosmetic of ground almond, gram flour, carrot juice and milk. Apply this cosmetic onto your face regularly, you will have a glowing face and skin.

# If we rub milk onto our whole body our skin glows and becomes soft.

# If you want to have beautiful nails dip them into milk for sometime.

# Housewives get rough hands when they wash utensils. In this condition you can apply milk with lemon juice.

# Take almonds and cloves in a similar quantity and make their powder. Take a half spoon milk, mix a pinch of turmuric powder and a little powder of almonds and cloves. Apply this mixture on to face. When it dries up wash the face with cold water. Your face will glow.

# Take skimmed milk and mix turmeric powder into it. Rub this mixture onto your face regularly. Your face will start shining.

# Take some milk and dip some cashew nut into it for a night. Make paste of it in the morning. Mix some lemon juice in it, apply regularly onto your skin. It is a great comfort for those who have rough and oily skin.


# Take two spoons of skimmed milk and mix a spoonful of honey into it. Apply this mixture onto your skin regularly. It is good if you have rough skin.

# Take some plums and dip them into some milk for sometime. Then make a paste of it. Apply evenly onto your face and wash your face after 15 minutes. This face pack is really nutritious for skin. Your skin will start glowing.

These are some of the great uses of milk when it comes of the nourishment and beauty of your face and skin.

By Sainath Pathak

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