Men’s stylish Shirts


It’s every man’s honor to dress charismatically to impress and also attract the attention of his colleagues as a form of showcasing’s. For instance, a man of high status will always dress perfectly, with khaki shirts and soft jeans, this style speaks a lot in the streets and also in the workplace as it shows how stylish you are and how updated you are concerning the current fashions. Here is a list of men’s stylish shirts.

men's stylish shirts

1. Black khaki shirt

This is a white shirt striped in black to give the fine texture of what is called ‘ black beauty’ the color attracts less attention in a distance but speaks volumes while closure.

This type of shirt matches with any type of pants of your choosing and with black shoes or brown suede shoes with a pair of dark glasses.

2. Pink khaki shirt

This is a shouting color in men, it attracts from a distance and the owner has to control how he carries himself along the streets before being noticed.

This type of shirt is best matches with black/ white pants, pink/ white shoes and light sunglasses.

3. Blue khaki shirts

This is the silent but outspoken color that is associated with scholars.

It’s good when matched with navy blue/ black/ cream pants and black shoes.


This helps a lot to be a respected person when it comes to fashion wearing.

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 By Chrisantus Omondi

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