Men’s Casual Shirts


It is fair to say that many men really don’t consider fashion when dressing for the day. Especially if you are talking casual shirts. The question really is what do the ladies prefer in what setting? Here are the basic casual mens shirts and ladies let us know your preference, please.

The Casual Long Sleeve untucked is always a favorite among men and women seem to like it also. Great for certain events, but not for sports.

For warmer weather, the men’s dress short sleeve is a great option. It still can fit in almost anywhere like a day at the beach, night out at the club, dinner or just hanging around with friends.

If you are talking sun and warm weather then you can not forget the Hawian shirt. Timeless, fun, and youthful. Perfect for a day at the beach, picnic or cocktails. Once again not really a top pick for sports.

The men’s polo is a great casual shirt that can also double as a semi-formal. The best part is they can transition from the office on casual days, to the golf course, to intimate dinners. A big favorite among the ladies, especially the professional crowd.

The button-up Tee is a leftover from the era of long underwear that has made a resurgence. Like a collarless Polo, it still can be worn to many events like a day at the beach, casual dinner, and the club. It also fits in nicely with sports.

The V Neck Tee is a nice hybrid. It can fit into almost any casual event with relative ease. It can be worn at the beach, dinner, and club and still look great.Big favorite of the ladies and at least one I know.



The tight tee has a nice look about it depending on the wearer but it does have the mainly casual appeal that can be prohibitive for appropriate settings. It fits in well at the beach, casual dining, and on the athletic field.


The tank top is a big fan favorite for the beach and gym but unfortunately does not fit in many other places. Though there has been a bit more acceptance of the tank it is still hard to find in a restaurant or at most clubs.

As I said at the onset when you are talking casual shirts it really does depend on the events you plan on wearing them for. Make sure you plan ahead, consider the audience and keep in mind it is ok to stand out. After all isn’t that what life is all about?

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