Luxury Fashion for All is the Big New Trend


Luxury fashion pieces, attractive to those who are passionate about fashion, design, and its creators, are appreciated and desired, even for those who don’t spend their entire budget on just one piece. But that does not mean that those same beautiful and wonderful clothes, which we love so much, do not end up one day in our closet.

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Much has changed, the choices and the way you buy today are different. Even before the pandemic, the second-hand fashion online market grew, both in demand and supply. It’s because? Simply because there is a new perspective when deciding to buy, and in this case, it seems to be a perspective that takes us to a much better place.

There would be a certain skepticism or belief that it would not be possible for this model to succeed, mainly because considering that people would resist buying something that was not new or possibly worse, it already belonged to someone, who used it before.

But when online stores appear full of glamour and good taste, with offers from reference luxury fashion houses such as Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, or Stella McCartney among hundreds of others, at affordable prices, you watch the generalization that these are excellent deals. Without, forgetting that many pieces are in excellent condition or even pieces with labels and completely new.


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If you have not gone through any of these platforms or online stores, this may be the opportunity to have an experience that can lead to some changes and bring many benefits. Above all, when we buy or sell on these sites or online stores, we give that item a new opportunity and prevent it from going to the usual site or being the “landfill”. But your contribution can be even greater, because if you buy clothes and shoes that already exist, and if that is enough to not buy anything new, then the help is enormous. And being part of the solution is a fantastic feeling.

I have been a fan of this trend for a long time, and I feel that I always do good business, and above all, I buy what I need, a piece that will last a long time and to which I give a special affection. When I use it, I feel good, greatly confident, and beautiful. I am also a fan of vintage, and there is a careful selection of these items, as you can see below with the suggestions I bring today.

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By Sara Khan

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