Lookalike Fashionistas


They say there is a twin for everyone in the world. Here will examine fashionistas that look the same or lookalike fashionistas.

Sofia Solares And Selena Gomez

What sounds better than one Selena Gomez? Two Selena Gomez’s. These two lookalikes have caught the internet’s attention of late due to their uncanny resemblance. Some people even thought that they are siblings. But, for the record, they are not. They just happen to lookalike, that’s it.

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This right here guys, is Sofia Solares. I know what you are thinking. I also thought the same, at first (laugh). She is a twenty-four-year-old Mexican. Her resemblance to the famous popstar (Selena Gomez) caught the internet’s attention which led to fans tagging the iconic popstar asking whether it was her baby sister. Since then, she has grown to be famous online with a huge following of fans. Her Instagram Account now stands at over six hundred thousand followers.

This still is Sofia in a gorgeous light dress while riding a bike. Rocking in Tom Ford sunglasses, one would easily hit on her, right? She looks stunningly beautiful!

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On the other hand, we have our beloved pop star – Selena Gomez. A girl who’s passionate about music, fashion, and so much more.

lookalike fashionistas

Selena’s favorite outfit is well-fit denim jeans, light slide-in shoes, with a woven top as you can see on the post above. She likes to keep it simple, in short. And even while keeping it simple, she’s slaying and incredibly hot indeed.


Are you still in doubt whether these two are related or not? Leave a comment down below and let us know what you think.

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