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Lipsticks are an essential part of every woman’s vanity. Women of all ages use them, one swipe of this wonder product can completely transform any look. It’s a craze among women including teenagers. The wide range of shades and brands make lipsticks perfect for daily wear. The popularity of the product is now enhanced as we have herbal lipsticks too. Safety is of concern when we wear makeup as some might destroy our skin in the long run. So while choosing lipsticks it is of utmost importance that we pay close attention to the details printed on the package and on the product we buy. The lips are very sensitive and so they must be taken care of very well.

Earlier lipsticks were made using chemicals to enhance their color and texture,  these chemicals are not safe and can pose a threat to the health of the person wearing them. Since it is an essential beauty product, it was impossible to give up on it altogether, what came out as a solution to this problem is what we now know as herbal lipstick. 

Herb enriched ayurvedic lipsticks are infused with Vata pacifying herbs which carry the nutritive benefits of the herbs to the innermost layers of the skin. Avocado oil moisturizes the lips and also provides antioxidant benefits. Vitamin E, mango, and shea butter keep the lips hydrated and moist.

Nykaa-Natural lipsticks

With the introduction of Natural lipstick brands, the demand has increased further because they are made using natural ingredients and are safer compared to their counterparts. Nykaa offers a wide range of Natural lipsticks in India from some of the best national and international brands. These Natural lipsticks do not have any side effects and apart from giving lips the desired tint they also keep them hydrated. This means the elimination of dry and chapped lips. 


Nykaa-Natural lipsticks

Ecco Bella

They create cruelty-free, eco-friendly products for clean beauty. They use only essential ingredients to create a safe, pretty lipstick that goes on smooth like a lip balm. Their Flower Colour Lipstick is naturally-preserved and contains vegetable waxes, oils, and mineral pigments for safe, non-toxic, preservative-free lipstick. It is a natural, easy-to-apply lipstick that goes on creamy and moisturizes without flaking. Colors are infused with protective flower wax found in petals to provide long-lasting wear.


Ecco Bella Lipsticks

W3LL PEOPLE – Nudist Color Balm Stick

The Love Child of A Lip Stick And A Lip Balm, this gives lips a subtle boost of color and shine plus deeply penetrating, nourishing hydration. Rich In Organic Omega Oils & Aloe, this luxury lip treat leaves stressed lips soothed, supple & protected.  Nudist Color Balm also has a natural fragrance of vanilla mint and it is made with 100% natural ingredients. This product is made in the USA and is never tested on animals as well.


W3LL PEOPLE Lipsticks

100%Pure Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick

This special formula always makes sure your lips never look dry and cracked, but full and plump. This lipstick is colored with fruit pigments and no synthetic colors made in a lab. Colors come from fruits like cabernet grapes, plums, tomatoes, blueberries, blackberries, apricots, peaches, pomegranates, and tons more! Pure cocoa butter, shea butter, and vitamin E oil act as nourishing ingredients to keep your lips soft and hydrated. It also helps the color of the lipstick to be more vibrant. These matte lipsticks come in a wide range of colors and are matte, opaque, and long-lasting wear. All 100% Pure’s lipsticks are vegan.


Various other brands are available, so will be back soon to review them!

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