Life is a Ramp


Apparel categorizes the work of a person clearly. Whenever we have a glance at any person after the face we only notice the costume of that person. For me, as a designer life is a ramp, my home is a ramp, the road on which I used to walk is a ramp because people judge through clothing sense.

In this blog, one of my digital fashion illustrations is added which describes the costume of a lady boss or you can say a working woman who is financially self-dependent. I used here combination of Maroon and Black as we all know Black is such a Classy shade to describe the Rough and tough lady. Corel Draw Software is being used while creating this illustration. It’s really a very enjoyable moment while designing something digitally. 

The one main reason I prefer digital illustration is that it can be edited easily at any time without any paper or color wastage. No doubt Manual designing has its own importance as finger play with paper and pencil gently. In the 21st century, many digital sources have been launched which are even more advanced than Corel Draw-like software. As I will move forward I would like to use them all enthusiastically.

Digital Illustration is the Art of making your imagination into reality without any hustle.  As with the help of a laptop or iPod designer is able to create anytime, anywhere, and in any situation. Great ideas take time to develop but when a designer plays with a mouse and keyboard a wonderful creation comes out automatically.

 1. D = Designer

2. D = Digital Illustration

3. D = Direct Sketching


 Such a beautiful similarity of word D.

It’s totally upon a designer which way He/She wants to use in describing his/her ideas. As ideas can be expressed in any possible way to the public.

Hope for the good reviews for my First Blog

For a Designer Life is a Ramp.


By Mahima Chadda

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