KIM CHIU is a famous young talented actress and YouTube vlogger in the Philippines. Aside from acting, she is also a #FitnessGoals enthusiast. During the lockdown, Kim Chiu shows seriousness, determination, and discipline when it comes to working out. Even when she’s cooped up in her home, she makes it a point to stay fit and healthy.

I have here her giving tips and demonstrating her 20 mins. workout routine at home. Click here. 

Below pictures are some of her inspiring sports attire.

I love her red bra on this because it really compliments her jogging pants.


During her workout. The outfit really looks good on this. She’s slaying it!. And also, I loved how she styled her hair in this.


One of my most favorite attire. White shoes and an orange sports bra with a terno of upper and lower clothes.


This outfit is inspired by the Korean Girl Group, BlackPink. She rocks the style. Everything in photo is so gorgeous. She inspired me so much.



In her second outfit inspired by BlackPink.


I adore her. She is not just good at acting but also good at maintaining her body healthy.  Aside from that, she is also good in styling or matching her clothes. Her outfit projects her good personality.

If you want to know more about her you can also check her Instagram account. Just click here.

Image source from Google.


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