Is Lehenga famous all over the World ?


What is Lehenga?

Lehenga is also known by different names Langa, Ghagra, Gagra, Pavadai, Chaniya, and Lacha is a full-length skirt for women. This is more famous in the Indian subcontinent countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and different parts of the world where the tradition has evolved. It is a three-piece dress consisting of a crop top called choli or blouse, Long bottom called Ghagra, and Chunni called dupatta.


Lehenga is worn as the bottom for a Gagra choli. In the Southern part of the sub-continent, this is recognized more by the name of Langa Voni. It is secured at the waist and leaves the lower back and midriff bare. Women in the Indian sub-continent are very inquisitive about ghagra choli. Unique types and mixtures make it viable for everyone to discover what they need for this variety.

Where did Lehenga originate, names, types & Varieties?

Lehenga Choli originated in North India around the tenth century. This has become famous as apparel used for various occasions. Making Lehenga a chunk of artwork and satisfactory craftsmanship that passed on from Mughals in India.

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Lehenga can be made and designed with the use of diverse fabrics starting from cotton to silk. An excellent-looking Lehanga is an image of royalty and is considered royal attire. Hence lots of craftsmanship and technique are needed for a perfect gorgeous Ghagra. Some varieties of Lehenga are A-Line, flared, Mermaid, paneled, Sharara, Straight, Trail.

What occasions are Lehenga used?

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Ghagra Choli is considered royal attire but can also be made to suit the needs of daily wear. Women from the subcontinent do wear Lehenga (Langa voni) as daily wear as well. Ladies prefer wearing the Lehenga with a blouse ranging from daily to occasion-specific. Some occasions wherein one can prefer lehenga choli are weddings, parties, cultural events, Festivals, conventional gatherings, or daily wear as well.

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