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There are so many different types of dresses today like a lungi, kurta, tunic, Jama, and dhoti or pajama that it is hard to keep up with all the designs. Don’t worry, we have you covered. So today we will talk about interesting information about dresses you should know. Let’s take a look at a few here.

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Salwar and Kurti Dresses:

Just as men wear kurta and pajama, similarly women wear Chunari, odhani, or dupatta along with Kurti and pajama (salwar). It is manufactured in different styles for women. Made in Punjabi style, North Indian style, etc. Salwar-Kurti is considered to be the best wear for women.

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There are three main types of Khadi fabrics:

. Khadi Cotton- This Khadi cloth is made from pure cotton yarn.

. Woolen Khadi – Made from fine quality wool.

. Khadi Silk- It can be pure silk Khadi or a mixture of cotton and silk threads.

The first textile mill in India was in 1818 AD.


Different types of fibers are used for the production of yarn. Of all the natural fibers used in the textile industry, cotton is the most widely used and common natural fiber. When was cloth invented? No record has been found that can clarify the facts about the invention of clothing. But according to Google and various books, people started using cloth around 100,000 to 450,000 years ago.

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Fat people should also take special care of the fitting of clothes to hide their obesity. Too tight clothes and too loose clothes are both bad for you. Your body looks very heavy in loose clothes and you will look heavier in tight clothes. So wear clothes that are neither too tight nor too loose.

Formal clothes like a pant-shirt, blazer, leggings-kurta, etc. 3 In the company where you are going for an interview, if there is a western culture, then girls can also choose a western formal dress. 4 Pay attention to the color of your clothes as well, wearing more flashy colored clothes in the interview should always be avoided.

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Clothes are not only used to cover the body but also to show our personality, occupation, level as well as our character, behavior, confidence, any person can be judged by the way he or she wears clothes, by the color of clothes, by the way of clothes. It can be easily recognized from the quality, that is, from the dress that his social level is his thinking and business.

Clothes reflect who you are, how you feel at the moment, and sometimes what you want to achieve in life. Always remember that whatever you wear reflects your true form. Your dressing sense reflects your personality, character, mood, style, and what you really are as a person.

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In summer we should wear cotton clothes as it is a good absorber of sweat. The sweat in the cotton fabric is absorbed and evaporates easily into the atmosphere. Thermal energy equal to the latent heat of vaporization is absorbed by our body, causing the body to cool down. If you want to avoid the cold then the most important thing for you is what kind of warm clothes you are wearing. It’s better to pay attention to what you’re wearing outside than to wear a lot of warm clothes. The clothes you wear outside should always be tight. It helps to keep your body warm and also protects you from cold.

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