Inclusive Fashion


Plus size fashion is evolving into size-inclusive fashion, with brands like 11 Honoré and Universal Standard leading the way | South China Morning Post

Inclusive Fashion

Have you ever wondered to yourself why people keep asking themselves these questions before trying on an outfit? Questions like, can I wear this? Will it fit? Is it too exposing? Well everyone hits this point at least once a week.  Fashion for a long time has lingered around specific qualities like being slim, tall, having a small waist, perfect body proportions, etc but are those even realistic. Not everyone has those qualities and that doesn’t make them any less perfect or beautiful. We complain about people not being able to accept themselves and having low self-esteem but what are we doing as fashion designers and bloggers to bridge that gap. That is where inclusive fashion comes in. Personally growing up I always felt uneasy wearing a swimsuit till I saw an inclusive swimsuit fashion show which boosted my self-confidence. Since then I step out confidently in my swimsuit and that’s the kind of feeling everyone should get when they step out.  We should stop trying to fit in the fashion status quo instead we should tear it down and set the standards that build our confidence and give us the comfort we deserve. Like my mum always says a confident woman is already beautiful and it has nothing to do with her clothes.

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By Ewura Osei

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