Hydro Dripped Shoes!


Wow! Don’t they look fabulous?! I know. Well, it is summer out here and, as we all know, summer is a great time to do some fun activities. Activities that should blow our minds off. So, why not try out one or two of such activities? I thought to myself. Let’s look at Hydro dipped shoes.

hydro dripped shoes. 21

While chilling on our backyard the other day, a divine idea came right to me. And there it was – hydro dripping! Yeah! I know some of you have never heard of such a term. Do not worry though. To hydro drip your shoe simply means to dip your pair of shoe in paint. This is better of done with bright coloured shoes such as: white ones, or yellow ones and so on. It is more of playing around with paint. And that right there guys, is fun!

hydro dripped shoes. 22

My favourite type of shoe when it comes to hydro-dripping is non-other than, the Adidas Sneaker. A white one for that matter. And here is the best part, you can rock in it with a variety of outfits. One such outfit could be, a short with white Nike socks. Besides that, one can comfortably rock them with blue denim jeans and still stand out. Amazing, right?

hydro dripped shoes.

For these hydro dripped Vans, I would recommend one to rock them on with black soft slim jeans. A plain white t-shirt on top would do just great. And on your wrist, nothing would look better than a silver Rolex!

In short, hydro dripping your shoes is an amazing fashion style if you like to rock and spice up your look!


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