How to write an SEO friendly blog post.


 Some people think that you make one viral post, photo, or video and you’re in business.  That is fine for the one in a million but what about the rest of us? For everyone else, an audience takes time and special planning. In this post, I will show you how to build your presence by placing your content where people are looking and, when they are looking for it. I will show you here how to write an SEO-friendly blog post.

Where should you start to build an SEO-friendly post?

So you’re knowledgeable and maybe you have a following of people who love the work you produce. Maybe that’s a photo or video blog, or instructional or informational. Regardless of what type of content you are putting out there unless it is shocking or exceptional and people love to share it you will need to get down to some work.

What is a keyword?

When writing your blog whether it is video, photo, or text before you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard you need to do research on your subject. And research begins with Google. You need to know what people are actually searching for and how that relates to what you want to write about.  We call this Key Word Research. When we say word, we are really describing a phrase rather than just one word.

Keyword research tools you will need. how-to-write-an-seo-friendly-blog-post-research

Keyword research is not very hard though most Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  guys would like you to think so. There are free simple extensions you can add to Google Chrome that will make the job quite easy. So let’s start there. I look for “keyword Surfer”. It is free and works quite well. Simply install it and every time you punch keywords into your Google Browser it will tell you how many times people searched that keyword per month and give you suggestions for similar keywords.

Conducting Keyword research is the key to an SEO-friendly post.

Now that you have the proper tool it’s time to select what keyword is closest to your desired subject. For the purposes of this exercise, we will select High Heel shoes. That exact keyword is searched 2,900 times per month. Yet High Heel Shoes is searched 18,100 times per month. With that in mind, you may want to select “high heel shoes” for your article name. You are partly correct to have that keyword in your blog name, but there is more to it than that.

Importance of understanding your odds of ranking.

When you are searching the keyword “High Heel Shoes” You can also see the listing of the websites that are ranking page one for that keyword and you will notice they average between 50,000 clicks per month to over 1 million. Simply put there is NO way you will be able to outrank them unless you know the hacks. So you need to be smarter and understand Google algorithms and the hacks that work with them.

What is domain authority?

Now that you have a basic understanding of keywords we need to discuss “Domain Authority” Simply put this means how relevant is the website you are posting your blog from. Websites with high traffic tend to have a high Domain Authority. And Google gives them preference when ranking related posts to a given keyword. So do you have a chance of ranking against the likes of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and too many others to list? In a word “YES” you do, but you need to be very smart about how you name, write and prepare your post. You must leave no stone unturned in your planning, preparation, and execution of your work.

Understanding Google algorithms.

If you have done your research properly you will notice that Google tends to give preferential treatment to posts that answer a question, or have titles that offer adjectives like Top, Best, How, Trendy and more. This is because Google wants to give the user the best experience in finding what they are looking for. So let’s research the keyword “High Heeled Shoes” a little further.


Spotting openings on a search result page and writing a title to rank.

You will notice the number 30 is used as well as the words woman’s, trendy, why, and even how. What I do not see listed is best, top and most. There are more but we will focus on these words because Google loves the words top and best. So if I were going to name my article for High Heel Shoes I would select something along the lines of “Top Ten Woman’s High Heeled Shoes for 2021” or Best Woman’s High Heel Shoes for summer 2021”. This does not guarantee you will rank, but at least you have a shot.

It is important to select a good quality featured image.

Now that your title is in place it is important to select a featured image that reflects the objective of your post. It should have the keyword as thehow-to-write-an-seo-friendly-blog-post-header-image underlying name since the search engines see that even if readers do not. It should be at least 1024 by 768 as this is the optimal size for a web page header.  It should also be high resolution so it will show well on desktop and mobile alike.

Writing SEO-friendly content.

Now that we have a good title that has our target keyword in it what is next?  You need to begin writing using SEO throughout your post. You should use your keyword in the first paragraph as soon as possible. You need to use it And variations of it throughout your entire post. Also do not overdo it, but make sure it appears at least 5 or 6 times and variations 4 to 5 times and use them in your H1, H2, and H3 Headings.

Using tags H1, H2, and H3 tags in your post.

Now, what are an H1 H2, and H3 heading? If your post is done right your H1 is your title, your H2 is your first paragraph and your H3 and H4 are the headers for each paragraph. The H1 and H2 must contain your keyword and your H3 and H4 should at least mostly contain variations of your keyword.

Using SEO-friendly formats.

Other important considerations are sentence length of fewer than 20 words when possible. You should have a paragraph length of 3 to 5 sentences and use of headers between every paragraph. Make good use of transition words and keep the content very easy to read. Use good grammar and if your grammar is weak, use a plugin like Grammarly. Before you upload any photos they should have the keyword in the name of the photo. For instance top-ten-woman’s-high-heel-shoes-1 and so on.

Links are very important.

Next, make sure the post has several outbound links to websites that are relevant to the keyword. Make sure the post has several inbound links to posts within the site and keep them relevant to the keyword. And if possible set up links directly to the post from social media, any pages that you control, and as many other relevant pages as possible.

Be sure to use the tools we furnish you with.

Within Your Our Fashion Passion account, you have a special section where you can design and build your post. It is equipped with a Yoast plug-in that will analyze your post to make sure it is SEO optimized. Make sure you use it and follow the suggestions. If you need a video tutorial you may email me for a free link to don


Writing your post on Our Fashion Passion is the best place to start.

Since you will be using Our Fashion Passion’s member blog tool you will also gain some valuable benefits. The first of course is an audience of like-minded people who are likely to be interested in your post and therefore generate traffic. The second is your posts carry the domain authority of Our Fashion passion. This is a lot like someone posting from a major publication and is treated as such by search engines.  And finally, our internal software will scan your post to ensure it complies with copywriter infringements.

In conclusion writing content that can be found by search engines is not nearly as hard as most people think. It requires research, planning and knowledge on top of talent and just a little luck. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals here on our platform and we are always here to help. Just go to contact us.

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