How to Write a Great Blog Post for Beginners



In this article, I will share with you how to write a great blog post for beginners. If you look at many top bloggers you will notice their blogs follow a similar format. This is no accident because this same format has helped top bloggers generate at least 40 thousand readers per post.  I am going to give you the tips and tricks they use right here.

Writing a great blog post starts with a great title.

By developing a great title that is catchy and exciting you have the foundation of the blog post before you even get started.  Think about when you are scrolling through a feed or reading a magazine, it is the title that gets your attention plain and simple. Spend some time developing your title and include keywords that people are looking for. For instance, you may notice my keyword for this blog is “how to write a blog”. This keyword gets 8,100 people every month search this phrase looking for help.

Only two out of ten people who read your title actually read your whole post.

A great title will capture their attention and stop the scroll or the browsing. Make sure your title captures their attention and gives them a reason to read more. Statistically speaking only 2 in ten people who read your title will actually read your whole blog. So you must capture their attention right upfront. You may want to browse magazines and other media where you will see amazing titles. Learn from them and develop more than a catchy title so you have options.

Stick with easy-to-understand titles that catch attention.

People love simple titles like how to write a great blog or 10 steps to losing 10 pounds in two weeks. Simple titles appeal to everyone so you reach a broader audience. Target what most people want like making money or meeting a mate or even making friends. Who hasn’t heard of titles on how to make friends or 7 steps to help you meet the love of your life. When you’re talking about fashion you may hear how “Kim Kardashian dazzles in these 5 dresses” or what people wore at the academy awards. Keep it simple and easy to understand and you will get readers.

The first paragraphs must make a bold statement.

The first paragraph needs to be bold and capture attention. My first paragraph boldly says this is how bloggers generate at least 40 thousand readers. It literally hooks the reader who also wants 40 thousand readers. When you hook people in they are going to read the entire post. It is important to give them an overview of what you’re going to tell them so they read deeper into the post.

Blog post body should include subheadings.

Subheadings make the post easy to read at a glance.  Also setting up proper H1, H2, and H3 subheadings are important and should contain synonyms of your keyword. Simply put people like to skim an article and subheadings make that easy. Also, subheadings combined with shorter paragraphs make the post much less trouble to read.

Short sentences and paragraphs make for easy reading.

As stated before the quickest way you can boost a reading score is to keep your paragraphs at or below 5 sentences. Additionally your sentences should mostly be 20 words or less and contain a high percentage of transition words. Short paragraphs and short sentences makes for easy reading plain and simple.


Always include links when writing your blog post.

When learning how to write a blog post it is important to include links to other sites. The links give third party credibility to your post and help to establish you as an expert in your field.  Additionally SEO also requires at least one or two links to relevant content to help with SERP rankings. I like to use one or two internal links combined with one or two external links and strongly suggest using that formula.

A picture says a lot

Every blog post should have at minimum 2 photos; one as the featured image at the top of the post and one or more within the body. The photos should be named with words relating to your keywords. You may notice that the photos in this blog post have the hidden name of how to write a blog post. The search engines see that and give the post a higher ranking.

Closeout your blog post with a conclusion.

Your last paragraph should always draw a conclusion. The conclusion should summarize the post to tell the reader what they have been told. The conclusion should end with a question to encourage the reader to post a reply and engage you the writer even after the post is complete. When readers are engaged they become more likely to follow you for future posts. Make sure you label your conclusion and make sure it gives the reader a happy ending they can enjoy.

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