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In addition to any other kind of men’s accessories, a bracelet for men is prone to misunderstanding and can be intimidating to style. They can be dressed up or dressed down, and they come in a range of fabrics, finishes, and weights. They are suitable for both formal events and pub outings. guys’ bracelets are one of our favorite pieces of jewelry because of their adaptability, which some guys find scary because they are unclear of how to dress up or if they are able to take them off. The team at Alice Built This has put together our guide to assist you feel more at ease wearing your wrist bracelet as well as advice on metal selection and attire coordination.

Co-ordinate your bracelet with your accessories

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Your wristband can become a part of a coordinated accessories set, whether you are using a belt with a pair of pants or cuffs with a tuxedo. You’ll seem stylish and put together if you choose the metal and finish that go with your attire and any other decorations you’re wearing, like a ceremony bracelet or a lapel pin. Keep in mind that there are situations when wearing fewer things can look better. With our P6 Wallace polished sterling ring or a set of Wallace polished silver cufflinks, we suggest wearing this bracelet.

Add a simple detail to a casual look

We occasionally desire a piece of jewelry to dress up a casual ensemble. Perhaps you have a day date or are going out to lunch with your family and are looking for a certain element to show a little bit of your personality. Similar to a timepiece or a solidly constructed belt, a men’s bracelet can make a pair of trousers and a pullover look more unique. Our matte silver M8 Bancroft bracelet is suggested.

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Men’s bracelets cuff

The cuff band is Alice Made This’s distinctive style. Our men’s cuff bracelets are tactile, understated, and elegant and are perfect for providing adaptability to any outfit. Cuff bracelets come in a variety of materials, finishes, and textures and fit exactly by pinching one another or gently pulling them apart. We suggest the Alexander bronze bracelet or the Maxwell copper bracelet if you’re searching for a classic piece that you can either dress up or dress down and wear for years to come. Image source: Jamie Fergusson

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Men’s bracelets gold

You can’t go wrong whether dressing up a tuxedo, a business suit, or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a bracelet made of gold for guys. A gold bracelet exudes warmth, elegance, and class with its deep metallic tones. If gold is your preferred metal, we suggest our M4 Burnham wristband in 18ct or 9ct golden as well as our P4 Bancroft bracelet. Jane Looker provided the image.


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