How to Wash Suede Shoes


Owning suede shoes should be one of your dream come true things. Suede shoes are made of soft animal skin. Suede is a type of leather. It is fuzzy and commonly used to make other things like purses, furniture, and jackets. These shoes blend well with jeans, especially soft or hard Khaki. They are comfy and attractive.

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You can consider wearing them with that your favorite jeans. Suede shoes come in different colors making them the best suit for your different jeans. There are men’s and women’s suede shoes. Also official and casual suede shoes. You can get yours for summer.

Suede shoe’s presentability and durability will depend on how you will care for it. However, cleaning them should not be a big deal.

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When a splash gets into your suede shoes it can be irritating and uncomfortable. May it be mud or a coffee or anything that may bring a stain to it.

Here are some tips on how to wash your suede shoes and keep them clean always

Step 1

First, you have to get a shoe tree. This will help the suede shoe to hold its shape while washing. If you do not have one, you invent something that will fit in your suede. After you have got the shoe tree, you can fix it nicely into your shoe

Step 2

Remove any dust


Make sure to remove any dust or any tangible stains to avoid them spreading into the whole surface of the shoe.

Wash Suede Shoes

Step 3

Carefully, rub with a clean towel on the surface of the shoe.

Here make sure you are not doing forcefully. It should be done gently since the suede leather is very delicate. Scrubbing the surface of the shoe hardly may damage the shoe. It should be finesse and fine care.

Step 4

Gently, brush with a suede cleaning brush

Be gentle while doing that. Make sure to do so regularly to keep your suede shoes clean.

Step 5

Consider finishing with a suede protector

This will help to waterproof your shoe. Here you can consider Scotchgard Suede & Nubuck Protector


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