How To Turn Your Athleisure Style from Zero To Hero


Athleisure – a crossover between athletics and leisure – is the art of elevating your activewear with a few key purchases or simple style tweaks.

Fashion is giving sportswear an uplift in credibility while sportswear is giving functionality to fashion, like sweating-wicking capabilities, odor resistance or stretch texturing. Athleisure is a powerful combination of comfort meets style, and fashion meets functionality.

These days, athleisure is much more than an apparel buzzword. It’s a phenomenon that has changed where and how consumers wear apparel like slogan T-shirts, leggings, joggers, hoodies, and caps.

It symbolizes a departmentalization of sportswear, which, thanks to its elevated design, becomes an everyday outfit able to instantly enhance a look. It is about this casual aspect of activewear where its style is comfortably casual and suited to a more active lifestyle.

Some trendy athleisure style includes:

Energy bra & yoga pants with the classic trench coat

Yoga pants provide flexibility and comfort, wicking moisture away from the body and helping to keep the wearer cool and comfortable. The trench coat has definitely reached fashion staple status, so if you don’t have one yet you should! So combining these apparel together brings an athleisure style by accessorizing it with a classy saddlebag and a cap.

Biker shorts with a sweatshirt

We couldn’t forget to pay our respects to  Princess Diana, who first showed us how to make bike shorts look so effortlessly cool. Biker shorts can easily become the base for an effortlessly sexy going-out look. Add minimalist jewelry like a single chain necklace and saddlebag to give things an elevated twist.


Tennis skirt with a sweatshirt

A Tennis skirt with a sweatshirt underneath a white shirt accessorized with fine pieces of jewelry, classic eyewear, and a tote bag gives you a sporty-chic style. Whether you wear them for athletic purposes or not, these trendy fits need to be in your closet ASAP!

Athleisure Style 9876

Track pants look

Nowadays many designer brands bring track pants back in fashion, they all want us to take an athleisure style to the next level. So here is a way to twist it to another level.

Athleisure Style 123


Work Hard, Enclothe Harder!

Wear what gives you comfort and confidence based on your personal taste.

Athleisure Style

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 By Gelila Shita

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