Bell Bottoms/Flare Jeans Styled 5 Simple Ways


Because skinny jeans are so popular in the fashion world, we often use them as our go-to pants when we’re out of outfit ideas. Bell Bottoms are back in so I have decided to share, How to style your bell-bottoms/flare jeans with my fashionistas. If skinny jeans are the only sort of jeans you wear, Sis! you’re losing out on a lot. Continue reading this article to find out how to style your bell-bottoms.

How To Style Your Bell-Bottoms? Then Let’s Talk Bell-Bottoms Sis.

Flare bell-bottoms, often known as bell-bottoms because of their shape, are a must-have these days. Now that the trend is back in full force, why not?. They’re easy to style so don’t worry about the flare. One of the benefits of wearing these bell-bottom jeans is that you can easily hide your heels or shoes behind them, making you appear taller and slimmer.

The decade of the 1970s is just as popular as the decade of the 1990s! Flare jeans are currently available in a wide variety of colors. Washes, and patterns, allowing you to select how retro you want to go. Are you convinced you need to add these to your wardrobe yet?.  Well, bell bottoms will be in and out of trend for the rest of the time due to their various advantages ad appealing silhouettes. Bell Bottoms like any other great fashion thing, had a comeback in the 1990s. The fit was tighter around the thighs and had a more subtle flair at the bottom and like all 90s clothing, low rise.

A Brief History Of Denim Jeans

Jeans are a type of trousers made from denim or dungaree fabric. In 1873 they were created by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss and are still worn today. Denim is extremely durable which is why it is chosen by those who required long-lasting clothing. It is also why Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis choose it as a fabric for their jean. Denim is dyed with indigo dye, which has a dark blue color. It’s an organic dye with a distinctive blue tint.

Whether you’re a die-hard denim fan who wears jeans with every outfit or simply wants to seem fashionable. There’s a style for everyone even the bell bottoms. Because they go with many various shoe styles and are one of the most versatile designs of jeans.You prefer heels or can’t get your feet out of a beautiful pair of boots, bell bottoms are for you.

We all know simple is beautiful, and as fashionistas, we need to keep up with the latest trends. Here are some lovely ways to show how you can style your bell-bottoms/flared jeans.

Style With A Sweater

how to style bell-bottoms- sweater
How to style bell-bottoms with sweater

The simple pairing of a lovely and comfortable sweater with some shoes creates a fantastic ensemble. A pair of bell-bottom jeans may be elevated by paying attention to small details and creating a color story.


Style With Crop Top

how to style bell-bottoms
how to style bell-bottoms

When you match a crop top with flare jeans, you’ll get a playful, yet easy look. The crop top balances out the jeans and provides a figure that is completely attractive.


Style With A Blouse 

Your favorite shirt will look fantastic with bell-bottoms, I guarantee it. A blouse allows you to inject some uniqueness into your ensemble. It will look great with bell-bottoms, whether it has fascinating cutouts or a cheerful floral pattern.


Style With A T-Shirt 

A Basic tee to complete your bell bottom outfit. If you think you can be really ladylike or conscious about the pants.


Style With A Hat

how to style bell-bottoms
how to style bell-bottoms
how to style bell-bottoms with hat

Accessorize your bell-bottoms outfit with a hat to make it look more casual.

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