How to maintain the perfect body shape~ doctor’s view


The perfect body is the dream of every individual irrespective of their age, gender, and culture. People who already are in perfect condition also needs extra effort and self-love to maintain themselves

Here are a few tips to follow:

1) Hydrate yourself:

Water! water! and water!

    Bodily functions need water to be working properly. Your skin, muscles, bones, joints, and organs all need water. Try drinking water by counting the number of glasses each day and you will never gain weight or get OLD ????

Medical fact:  Our body is 70% water. So give your body the max water you can for healthy functions

2) Do exercise daily for a perfect body:

Yessss.. your body needs at least 15 minutes of your time from the whole day to detox.

Do a little cardio, dance around the room, do skipping, and whatnot! Enjoy this minimum of 15 minutes and you’ll feel refreshed ????


Medical fact: your blood circulation is increased from the legs towards the brain during exercise. So more oxygen is available to body organs to function and you get toned muscles, lively skin color, and whatnot.

3) Sleep well:

Be a sleeping beauty to increase your health. Hahahha not for the whole day but surely you have to sleep early and rise early.

During sleep, the body releases hormones that cleanse our skin, lighten our tone, increase our mood, relax our muscles.

Sleep on your right side favorably and hand under your cheek ( that’s sunnah too) and that will increase blood circulation on your face…soooo you’ll get a glow in the morning

Medical fact: Deep sleep releases growth hormone that helps in the growth of the body and its organs. So you can get a perfect height with the perfect body!!!

Conclusion: maintaining the already perfect body also needs work. Concentrate on these easy-to-do points that don’t need much effort and you are good to go.

Will discuss” how to lose weight ” in my next blog which will be more comprehensive and detailed.

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By Mrs. Sultan

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