How to Look Stylish Everyday


Let’s talk about how to look stylish every day because it’s easier than you may think. It doesn’t matter your budget, lifestyle, or body type. All it takes is some upfront time and a little discipline to look your best, whether you are running around in yoga pants or headed to the office.

I try to dress nice on most days, not just on special occasions or when heading outside to meet other people. My getting ready routine boils down to a simple checklist. This is how I make sure I dress nice and look stylish every day. Whether I’m putting together a business casual outfit for work or a casual weekend.

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Always Tuck in your shirt or T-shirt or even sweaters during the winter season. It makes your outfit look sharper and gives the illusion of longer legs as well. It slightly shows you a little taller. It is a great tip for shorter girls. So, Do not forget to Tuck in next time.

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Always Pair something tight with something loose. Wear a Tight T-shirt with Loose pants or Baggy jeans or you can pair an oversized shirt with Skinny jeans or Leggings. So, Basically striking the right balance to make you look your outfit flattering on the body is extremely important.

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How to look stylish

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By: Khan Sara

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