How to Look Classy With An All-White Outfit


White Outfits are the hardest thing to pull off but they really pay off in the long run. Putting on an all-white outfit makes you stand out and makes heads turn all day.

Dressing an all-white outfit can be cumbersome because you have to be careful how you walk for fear of ruining the outfit, it is easy to care for your white pieces compared to the other outfits in your closet since white doesn’t fade or retain dirt.

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These are some of the tips you can adopt and

Mix different textures: A trick to help you pull off an all-white outfit is by mixing textures. This move is sometimes bold but when properly done is a great success.

For instance, you can go with white denim trousers and match them with a white t-shirt or blouse to complete the look. Mixing up different textures will make your monochrome outfit not look too boring.

Always note that when mixing different white textures focus on the same color scheme. Yes, the color white has many shades ranging from pure white to off-white. But not all white colors complement each other.

Go for a suit: If ever in doubt, always go for a white suit preferably a trouser suit. It will save you the hustle of getting the textures right since the coat and trousers will be made of the same material. Furthermore, they are classy and will never go out of style.

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You can comfortably pull off a white trouser suit in any event and it will blend in seamlessly while still keeping heads turning.


Ensure that your suit is the perfect fit for this look to be as chic as possible.

Break it up with accessories and neutrals: When going for an all-white outfit you can’t afford to have everything in white. Say from your clothes to your bag and shoes. It’s good to break it up a little. You can decide to have an all-white outfit and have nude shoes or incorporate a neutral-colored scarf.

Also, ensure to always accessorize when going for these kinds of outfits. Go for golden bangles, necklaces, or statement belts as gold matches better with white outfits as compared to silver. Also, accessories will break the monotony and leave you looking angelic.

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By Antynet Ford

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